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The Carnival of the Animals:

A Grand Zoologic Fantasy

 Camille Saint-Saëns


New Narration by Nancy Bachrach


April 10, 2022

Commissioned by New York Piano Society

for Carnegie Hall




Introduction and Lion's March

Our famous composer was down in the dumps.

His concerts were panned, and he'd taken some lumps.
He went out of town just to heal his wounds,
and cheered himself up writing animal tunes. 

Enter The Lion King, feral and arch.
This savage beast commanded a march.
His Majesty threatened to pounce on a whim,
but instead the piano . . . just swallowed him.

"Funny, but frivolous," he said with dread.
"Do not perform this until I am dead."

He kept his Grand Fantasy off of the stage
for thirty-four years, 'til he died of old age.
In his Last Will, he proclaimed this decree:
Publish The Carnival and let it be.

So now let us welcome to Carnegie Hall,
his posthumous work, most beloved of all.



Complete narration by request.

Please email Nancy Bachrach





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